Hi! My name is Guillermo and I am a:

Husband: I am married to my beautiful wife Nidia.

Father: I father Samuel (3), Nia (1).

Pastor: I am a pastor at Arise Church in Irvine, CA.

Entrepreneur: Current CEO of WP Help; a company that builds, and provides maintenance and support for WordPress websites.

As a result, I talk a lot about all those aspects of my life, primarily the pastoral, church side of things.

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Also, there has been some people that have asked me how they can donate or support my ministry. What an honor! 🙏

I appreciate this humbling gesture. I feel weird saying yes, but I also feel bad saying no. God has been good to me, and he knows that I have more than I deserve. Instead of giving you a way to donate money, I would benefit more from you donating a book. More books also means more content for this blog and ministry.

Here is my Amazon Wishlist if you feel in your heart be a blessing:

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